Theory T
Theory as he appears in real life.

Real Name

Watsworth Jerry Nelsen

Voiced by

Eric, Dallas, Duncan & Professor


February 3, 2003




Warren Cook, Memy9909, BatteryMill, Hp1999 & other Warren fans.


Slippy V, Baxter, LouieLouie95, Blue91233, Dora the Explorer, Cam S and further more.


M Rated games, T Rated games, WB Movies and Games, PG-13 Rated movies, R Rated movies, Mountain Dew, All of his fans, Church, Mortal Kombat, Swearing, Cherry drinks, and more.


Dora the Explorer, Warren and Memy haters(except QPComedian3 and MrLegoFan404), Being reported, Getting blocked, School, Getting annoyed, Being disobeyed, and more.

Like rating


Theory T now current known as Golden MVPKing (real name Wadsworth Jerry Nelsen) was a user from YouTube and GoAnimate.

While he makes grounded videos out of Slippy V, Baxter, Blue91233, Louielouie95, Cam S, Coulden Pettit and other good users, he claims Warren haters and Memy haters are bad users while he, along with Warren Cook, Memy and their fans are good users. He also often to post death threats to "bad users".

He joined YouTube on about 2010. In 2013, he joined GoAnimate and soon became a Warren fan and Memy fan. He also became a so-called "Coulden Hater" afterwards. Due to his immature behavior, his YouTube account was terminated on Febuary 2014, and came back as Puf Nelsen in mid-March 2014.

He also constantly uses the phrase "grounded for life" to enrage Coulden Pettit to turn into Godzilla. Later, everyone on Youtube and GoAnimate doesn't exist him anymore.

Theory T's GoAnimate account was suspended on May 5th, 2014, which ended on about May or June 2014.

His birthday was born in February 3, 2003 or less unknown, while he claims to be 11 on his YouTube account, he is around 16.


  • When he received someone making videos out him, he made videos back to them.
  • Unlike other Warren fans, Theory T liked Warren Cook for a different reason other than his fake VHS openings. The reasons are his GoAnimate avatar, his name and his "silly" accounts.
  • He claimed Warren Cook, Memy9909, Bobby Poppyguy, BatteryMill, Grandchase RealCook & Lothos GrandChase as good users. He also claimed to be a good user as well, due to his "intelligence".
  • He shared his GoAnimate account to his brother.
  • According to Blue91233's "Theory T gets Grounded" series, Theory T doesn't know literacy and maths.
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