Agnes is a 9 year old who is the twin sister of Amanda Anderson. She appears as a kid because Comedy World cannot die earlier, just like her twin sis Amanda and her older sister Lily. She wears a Darker Purple shirt. which is now her signature color. She is now the FOURTH Anderson sibling (After Emily, Lily, and Amanda) . She was born on July 30th (Leo) 4 hours after Amanda, her twin sister. Her favorite music band is The Miley Cyrus. Her favorite character is Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: FIM/ Equestria Girls. Her superpowers are flight, super speed, levitation, telepathy, super senses.

She used to have Cyan as her signature color, but now has Darker Purple as a signature color. Her favorite ice cream flavors are Cotton Candy and Purple.

She is currently the 11th Grade Freshman in the world (she skipped a lot of grades in Elementary and Middle-School like Lily), and Emily is in Middle-School (7th Grade) and Lily is a Sophomore in high-school (11th Grade), despite her being as smart as Anais Watterson and skipping a bunch of grades, except for High-School. Agnes will graduate High-School in 2023, Lily in 2022, and Emily in 2027.

She has lost all respect for Doris since she took her to summer camp for what was supposed to be 9 weeks and never came back for her. Good thing Boris did, right? and her BF is Asher Terrenze Teoro


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