Jurrasic Kid Jurrasic Kid 3 days ago

Hey guys, when a less buggy version of wrapper releases, I will start making Goanimate content on my youtube channel and I will be called RoryLovesAnimating, also Rory is my real name if you didn’t know.

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Holley Fulghum Holley Fulghum 16 days ago

My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post. I wrote messages to other people. I get mad with Parradiela.

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Miss Orieanna Miss Orieanna 20 days ago


RileyCyrus69 is a user on Instagram and her post was removed because it contained bad stuff. This user is by Riley on the Inside Out 2 Parody.

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Annalise Vargas Annalise Vargas 22 days ago


Annalise Vargas is the daughter of Glori Vargas who does makeup. She was a toddler in 2015. She gets mad at Parradiela a lot.

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Bingo Heeler on Bluey Bingo Heeler on Bluey 22 days ago

Bingo Heeler

Bingo Heeler is a character on Bluey who is the younger sister of Bluey. Bingo is on Disney Channel. She has a boyfriend named Timi. Bingo's parents are Bandit and Chilli.

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Verraiyah Verraiyah 25 days ago

My Avatars

My Avatars are in Goanipedia Wiki. I formerly had a Veruca Salt avatar and currently have a Jaynah (Lona and Lapa) avatar. I will change avatars soon.

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Verraiyah Verraiyah 25 days ago

Layla Geez

Layla Geez goes to the West Ridge Road LA Fitness in the Kids Klub. She has sisters named Julia and Jocelyn. She first went to the Kids Klub when she was a year old. She watches Bingo and Bluey on TV. She lives in New York.

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Layla Geez Layla Geez 25 days ago

Kids Klub, LA Fitness (Esporta Fitness), 1867 West Ridge Road, Greece, New York

I am Layla Geez and I go to LA Fitness Kids Klub. I first went there when I was a year old. I see go to the Greece Ridge LA Fitness. The zip code is 14615. I saw Rhea a lot.

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Kitty the leopard cat Kitty the leopard cat 29 days ago

Kitty the leopard cat Message Wall

Kitty the leopard cat's message wall is where Verraiyah posts to her wall. Her messages are replied by Ellie. She has a message wall. She deletes some of her messages off because they are mean messages.

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D'Nahla D'Nahla 16 July

D'Nahla Hart

D'Nahla Hart is a girl who goes to the school called Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts inside the Tolbert/Barton Classroom for First Grade. She got kicked out of RA because she was crying when the teacher called her mother and she threw barrettes to the floor so that Parradiela (Algernon Kelley, Jr) could wear them, but he almost got lice in his hair. She was born on September 21, 2012, on the same day as MyYahna Parker. She didn't go to Second Grade in the school. She wears braids and beads sometimes. She has brown skin and black hair.

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Chuck E. Cheese Skate Universe

Chuck E. Cheese Skate Universe is a game on the App Store by Chuck E Cheese. The game got updated in 2022.

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August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012 is when Parradiela (Algernon Kelley, Jr) was born.

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LuanLoud14, also known as Brandon is an administrator from The Loud House Wiki. The user banned Parradiela (Algernon Kelley, Jr the 9 year old) (my father) on June 7, 2022. LuanLoud14 has a lot of messages. LuanLoud14 is the creator and background of the wiki.

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MyYahna MyYahna 15 July


MyYahna is a girl born on September 21, 2012. She goes to the Tolbert/Barton Class for First Grade and Second Grade at Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts. She is friends with D'Nahla Hart and Nylah Henderson. She has brown skin and black hair.

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Ellie the elephant plush

Ellie the elephant plush is a user on GoAnipedia. She was born on 2016. She is 5-6 years old. Kitty is one of her sisters.

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Raspberry Torte

Raspberry Torte is a character from Strawberry Shortcake who is a girl. She had a ponytail in 2003 series. She is best friends with Lemon.

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Elise or Elise Vargas is from the YouTube channel Glori Vargas. She is the daughter of Glori Vargas. She has brown hair. She threw a temper tantrum about a bath because she got lipstick in her hair on March 8, 2015. She was born in 2012.

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Verraiyah Verraiyah 12 July


Indy is a character from Bluey who is an afghan hound who has longer hair. The studio shortens her hair. She wears blue, pink, yellow, and green hair rings. She has orange hair.

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Verraiyah Verraiyah 10 July

Algernon Kelley, Jr

Algernon Kelley, Jr is 9 years old. His username is KittenMimi327 on FANDOM.

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Kitty the leopard cat

Hi, I am Kitty the leopard cat and I am a family member.

  • AJ (father)
  • Puffy (older twin brother)
  • Ellie (younger sister)
  • Allen (younger brother)
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Verraiyah Verraiyah 29 June


Verraiyah is a man on the wiki. Verraiyah has his own user page.

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Verraiyah Verraiyah 29 June


KittenMimi327 is a user on Goanimate Wiki. She is a fan of Babybus.

KittenMimi327 is a fan of Babybus like LuanLoud14 is a fan of the Loud House Wiki.

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TheOrion1 TheOrion1 14 February

Request Cards for 500 Behavior Card Day (CANCELLED)

  • Cannot be cards like Bowser Jr. and Bowser.
  • Cannot be an object
  • If you are requesting a colored card, make sure to include the hex code.

  1. Graduate Forever + Vacation (Star)
  2. Graduate Forever (Rainbow)
  3. 1 Millinillion years off (Red Beryl/C74C4C)
  4. 1 Centillion years off (Diamond/B9F2FF)
  5. 1 Nonagintillion years off (Emerald/50C878)
  6. 1 Octogentillion years off (Platinum/E6E4E2)
  7. 1 Septuagintillion years off (Gold/D4AF37)
  8. 1 Sexagintillion years off (Silver/C0C0C0)
  9. 1 Quinquagintillion years off (Bronze/CD7F32)
  10. 1 Quadragintillion years off (Crystal/A7D8DE)
  11. 1 Trigintillion years off (Amethyst/9966CC)
  12. 1 Vigintillion years off (Malachite/0BDA51)
  13. 1 Decillion years off (Ruby/E0115F)
  14. 1 Nonillion years off (Pink/FFC0CB)
  15. 1 Octillion years off
  16. 1 Septillion years off
  17. 1 Sextillion …

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Amlou1234 Amlou1234 1 January

Super Worldwide Friends

Super Worldwide Friends

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Jackmoody Jackmoody 30 December 2021

woah no one cares but hey im back

it was my birthday on the 13th of december. woohoo!

micheal rosen does indeed exist

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WonderKat!MEOW!of1944 WonderKat!MEOW!of1944 22 November 2021

My Behavior Cad Day List

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Rainbow Magic Mitsuku Rainbow Magic Mitsuku 2 October 2021

Show your best Itsuki Yoshida Fan Art!

If you show me some Itsuki Yoshida Fan art, You might win.

Picture of her

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IExden The Csx Animator Perkyshitz

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SmeshTV SmeshTV 3 August 2021



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Sparrkz1 Sparrkz1 29 June 2021

Burn Down House Time


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Jackmoody Jackmoody 18 June 2021

june 18th

working on a thing: It's Jan 24th,  2017. A  youtube channel by the name of Triple Million has  its  first video uploaded. The title is a bunch of random characters, so, it's probably a kid. And that is proven in the video titled “Ok today…”

A bit later, the channel makes its first “real” kind of video. It's a reaction video.  This time, he shows his face. He is using  a phone to show what he is watching, but i guess that's a start. He later changes his username a couple times.

The CringeBubbles era: Fast forward 2 years, and the channel has gained the slightest fanbase, but one thing is important about this era.


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Jackmoody Jackmoody 16 June 2021

june 16th

Hey peoples, im a real person.

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Jackmoody Jackmoody 15 June 2021

june of the 15ths of 2021

hey its me again :/ i am at school right now, so wish me a good day or something

today i found out that the word coworkers has the word owo in it

"hey my cOwOrker.."

also if you were confused my profile picture is the letter e in sindhi language.

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HarwickBranchTankie1014 HarwickBranchTankie1014 9 May 2021

What's to expect for my upcoming GA/Vyond Esque Videos (If I plan to do any)

Hello there, I'll be explaining about what I'll be expecting to do when I do GA/Vyond styled videos on Wrapped again.

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 My Own Characters (I've came up with them in my head)
    • 1.2 Good People/Users
    • 1.3 Bad People/Users
    • 1.4 Plans for the GA/Vyond Videos

  • Lawrence Wilbert
  • Lance Theodore

  • Eric Oates (LouieLouie95)
  • Ericina Oates
  • JoJuan Johnson (TheJoJuan4444)
  • Adult Mall
  • Liz
  • Brendan Barney
  • Alex Kimble
  • Denise Kimble
  • JosephComedian2000
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Adrianna Johnson
  • Baxter
  • Princess Denise
  • Brian
  • Kayla
  • Aaron Pettis Petez
  • Maya Penza
  • Brian Sharp
  • Nicole Edwards
  • Jock
  • Leslie
  • Destiny McDonald
  • Linus Weber
  • Thomas
  • Chloe
  • Dylan McCarthy
  • Emily Movoloski
  • Kendra Hamilton
  • Claude Tealwood Flute
  • Eric Smith
  • Kayla (Eric Smith's Girlfriend)
  • Zoey Balkin
  • Jacob Armstrong
  • Zara Dawson
  • Annabelle Dawson
  • Mike

  • Derek Wat…

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Jasper the Goanimator 2008 Jasper the Goanimator 2008 24 April 2021

Jasper the Goanimator 2008

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WonderKat!MEOW!of1944 WonderKat!MEOW!of1944 2 April 2021

If Alphablocks were On GoAnimate...

  • Alan
  • Allison
  • Amy
  • Ashley
  • Belle
  • Brian
  • Bridget
  • Callie
  • Catherine
  • Charlie
  • Dallas
  • David
  • Dave
  • Diesel
  • Duncan
  • Elizabeth
  • Emma
  • Eric
  • Evil Genius
  • French-Fry
  • Fiona
  • Geraint
  • Grace
  • Hugh
  • Harry
  • Ivy
  • James
  • Jennifer
  • Jill
  • Joanna
  • Joey
  • Josh
  • Julie
  • Justin
  • Kayla
  • Kate
  • Kendra
  • Kidaroo
  • Kenny
  • Katrina
  • Kimberly
  • Lawrence
  • Millie
  • Paul
  • Princess
  • Professor
  • Robin
  • Robot
  • Salli
  • Scary Voice
  • Shy Girl
  • Simon
  • Steven
  • Susan
  • Tween Girl
  • Veena
  • Vixen
  • Wiseguy
  • Young Guy
  • Zack

  • A (Arista) = Kayla
  • B (Becki) = Emma
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Noah Tooons Noah Tooons 7 February 2021

Marcosoft Studios

Welcome To Marcosoft Studios!

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Championsgamer1 UTTP AVGCP Championsgamer1 UTTP AVGCP 26 January 2021

So, uh..

I think I'm fictkin with Violy Anderson. Oh, well, I guess I better introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Violy Margaret Anderson. I respond to both my first and middle name. I was born on January 22nd, 2001. My parents were very harsh with me, so I would cause trouble a lot. Eventually, I got into a fire that severely disfigured me, so my parents disowned me. A few months later, Officer James gave me this strange cat/fox mask, and told me to wear it wherever I went. Eventually, I got robotic implants, so I looked like a cyborg. Thankfully, my girlfriend Althea Andrea supported me the whole way. Even when I was disfigured, she told me that I looked like SCP-096. I was happy that she was there for me, and she still is. We're married now, and w…

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YVGENIA YVGENIA 26 January 2021


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305aniyah 305aniyah 12 January 2021

Hi guys 🤩

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Epar Lana Epar Lana 6 January 2021


I've said this in the discussions as well, but I, Alex Kimble, want my page on this wiki either LOCKED to prevent vandalism or DELETED completely. Today was the third time in just twelve months some asshole attempted to vandalize my page, and my page on the V2 wiki has been locked to prevent vandalism, yet not here. Plus, I've largely moved on from GoAnimate, so it's not exactly an accurate representation of who I am.

- Alex Kimble

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AnimeGamer1 AnimeGamer1 3 January 2021

New Video by Me

Hello! I was making a new video called Overhaul steals Everyone's Food, foor tomorrow's Morning.

Food Overhaul steal from the following.

  • Pizza: Ultraman 80
  • Tacos: Maki Nishikino
  • Burger: Atsuko Kagari
  • Ice Cream: Nessa
  • Sushi: Nezuko Kamado
  • Cake: Ruby's Group (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, Ren and Oscar)
  • Cupcake: Ike and Azura
  • Burritos: Shulk
  • Bacon: Bloom
  • Potato Chips: Adagio Dazzle
  • Brownies: Jotaro Kujo
  • Sashimi: Izuku Midoriya
  • Fries: Kohtaro and Kotori Minami
  • Chicken Nugget: Juru Atsuta
  • Snickers: Sougo Tokiwa
  • Soda: Twilight Sparkle
  • Ice Cream Sunday: Elsa
  • Sandwich: Boboiboy (Stopping Overhaul from Stealing it.)

Sir Nighteye is Overhaul's Punisher

This is me, Signing on and off!

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Aleena911 Aleena911 1 January 2021

The Magic School Bus kids grounds Johnny Johnny Yes Papa/Ungrounded

  • Young Guy as Arnold
  • Kidaroo as Carlos
  • David as Ralphie
  • Paul as Tim
  • Ivy as Wanda
  • Salli as Phoebe
  • Princess as Dorothy Ann
  • Kimberly as Keesha
  • Ivy as Johnny Johnny
  • Kayla as Dora
  • David as Fang

Arnold: Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, how dare you spill sugar all over the place?

Carlos & Ralphie: That's it!

Tim: You are Grounded for 15 decades!

Wanda: Go to your room right now! Yes!

Phoebe: We grounded Johnny Johnny Yes Papa!

Keesha: He is grounded forever!

Dorothy Ann: I know right!

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa: There they are Dora! Thus, the Magic School Bus idiot kids! They grounded me!

Dora: & you deserve it! Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, you deserve to be grounded after you spill the whole damn sugar on the floor & forced it like it's snow! That's it! You're grounded for life! Go…

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wiki home page redesign

basically, there are no changed other than that family.jpg has been removed.



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Windows XP Fan 2008 AUTTP Windows XP Fan 2008 AUTTP 28 November 2020

Top 15 Wosrt Users

15 UTTP Users:

1. Hit Entertainment UTTP THTDC

2. Mountain Dew Code Red UTTP THDTC

3. Sultan Saleh Productions KKTK UTTP THDTC

4. Ronald Justin UTTP

5. Jeff 171 Rocks UTTP THDTC AVGCP


7. Evil Muqri The Video Animator UTTP THTDC AVGCP

8. Fundir Broe UTTP THDTC

9. Ethan Guzman Sucks A** UTTP

10. King Evil JDMComedian2015 WILL KILL YOU ALL UTTP

11. Dodgeball From SFTF UTTP THDTC

12. Timothy Bonchano UTTP

13. Japan Japan UTTP

14. Mr. Zyros UTTP Is Back Again

15. Robert Samson UTTP

No Credit to UTTP Users Members!

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Carterbo55man Carterbo55man 20 November 2020

Rain Franchise is Now Finish Updating

Everyone , I'm Finish Updating Rain Movies. If You're Want to Know I'm Update All Four .

Click on the Links


Hacker(2020 Film)

The Mysterious(2020)




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ReeceAnimate ReeceAnimate 12 November 2020

ReeceAnimate Studios

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Squeebs82 Squeebs82 31 October 2020

Message To Little Fluff

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Championsgamer1 UTTP AVGCP Championsgamer1 UTTP AVGCP 25 October 2020

Reblog this if u support LGBTQ+ rights


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Chechutielve Chechutielve 24 October 2020

Copy paste this onto your userpage if you support LGBTQ+ rights

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