Brian (GoAnimate)


Brian is one of the most popular Go!Animate characters. He wears beige pants, light brown hair, white shoes, and a red hoodie. He is one of the main voices of GoAnimate.


Brian is made by adamkleinschmidt2003, and luccieighteen

He also appears in Justin gets Grounded as Justin's bully and first appeared in the deleted scene of Justin goes to the Movies.

He can also be seen all over GoAnimate city.

Mrlegofan404's Brian

Mrlegofan404's Brian is different from adamkleinschmidt2003's Brian in many different ways. For one, his voice is that of the same name as said character; secondly, his physical appearance is different - jet black hair, red backwards cap, diamond earrings, mole on face, shadow under eyes, blue jacket, yellow shirt beneath its sleeves (extending and passing under the jacket), jet black pants and similarly coloured shoes, not to mention bling laced around his neck; third, he has a girlfriend whose name is Emma and a best friend called Dick.