(At a party, a group of friends are going to play a game)

David: Let's play charades!

Callie: James, you go first.

(David holds up a hat)

David: Pick a phrase from this hat and then act it out without saying anything.

(James picks a phrase, and reads it)

David: Aaaaaand...go!

(James does a complicated pantomime while the party guests try to guess)

Allison: Chicken?

Belle: Chicken with its head cut off?

Charlie: Cooking dinner?

Dallas: Military man?

Eric: Fighting for your rights?

Kayla: Bullseye?

Kevin: Hotel?

Linda: Beauty sleep?

Princess: Rocking around the clock?

Susan: Mango?

Walter: Mango tree?

William: Hug the mango tree?

Gregory: Man going to the moon?

Zack: Homework?

(After James is done acting his phrase out, none of the guests know what his phrase was)

Joey: What was that?

Kendra: I have no idea what you were trying to convey.

Salli: Completely incomprehensible.

(James angrily leaves the party, slamming the door behind him)

David: Sheesh, that guy sure has a temper.