Classic Caillou is one of the tetartagonist of the GoAnimate Caillou series. He is a classic version of Caillou and his favorite animal is dragons and dogs. his favorite color is gray. he is a 12 year old boy who loves Mario. Classic Caillou's favorite Mario game is Mario Party 5.

DGGHater2004's series:

Unlike All the other GoAnimate series, He is not a troublemaker, Instead, He helps his family ground Evil Caillou. in DGGHater2004's ECGG series which he is the Secondary Protagonist. He only appears in one episode of her RGUG series and two episodes of her CGUG series. Sometimes, He appears in Normal Caillou Videos, He never appears in CPHP videos though.

KieranHafiz2006's series:

Classic Caillou is an interesting one in Goanimate Destroyer: The Animated Series. He was born 20 years ago from Coris and his unknown wife. His real name is Anderson Pinto George Callsan. When he was a baby, Coris decided to ask his younger brother Boris to adopt his son. However, somewhere in 2019. He was kicked out of the house because of his bad behavior. After the Death of Coris and when Toris gets arrested. He starts to get Revenge and kidnaps Boris and Goris for getting Coris and Toris into trouble.

JEVILOGEN/JeviAnimate's series:

In this series, he doesn't have that much power of what he can do, since he was actually Kayloo Anderson from age 0 - 5.

To-DoOS Incorporateds Series

IN this series, Classic Caillou is the main troublemaker, sometimes going as far as Ending up in JDC. He has a Criminal Record, as he escaped JDC and created and spreaded an Illegal Virus around the United States of GoAnimate. He is the current Principal of the School after he locked Principal Jerry Up (Ongoing Series) and Boris Anderson was Really proud of This. On some ocassons, he teams up with Yellow Horse, with the most notable example of this being in the Episode Classic Caillou breaks out of JDC/Grounded BIG TIME, where they team up to escape the JDC. It is unknown why Yellow Horse was there, but it can be assumed that he was a Thief, as he stole weapons from the Weapons storeroom as part of his plan.


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