Classic Caillou is a classic version of Caillou who appears as an antagonist in many Caillou Gets Ungrounded videos. Unlike Caillou (and possibly his other siblings, depending on the video), Classic Caillou is hot-headed and rude, often getting into trouble as a result. He also is a bratty little child in grounded videos, too.

Series-Specific Abilities:

This section discusses specific abilities Classic Caillou has that aren't in every series he's featured in, and as such depend on the GoAnimator who made the video.

KnucklesHedgehog2010's Series:

Coming Soon!

DGGHater2004's series:

Unlike All the other GoAnimate series, He is not a troublemaker, Instead He helps his family ground Evil Caillou in DGGHater2004's ECGG series which He is the Secondary Protagonist. He possibly will appear in her CGUG series, He only appears in one episode of RGUG. Sometimes, He appears in Normal Caillou Videos, He never appears in CPHP videos though.

JaxonGamerandAnimatorYT's series:

In this series, he appears as the troublemaker in the business-friendly video that has been sience been taken down. In his older Comedy World series, he is not the troublemaker and his appearance is only in two videos.

JEVILOGEN/JeviAnimate's series:

In this series, he doesn't have that much power of what he can do, since he was actually Kayloo Anderson from age 0 - 4.


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