Cody Anderson is exclusive to Goanimate and never appeared in the actual Caillou tv show. He is a member of the Anderson Family. He is the 4th child of Boris and Doris and the younger brother of Caillou and Rosie.

His signature color is blue. Just like Daisy, he hates Horror Movies. He is the slimmest person in the Anderson Family. He has saccharophobia, and he is afraid of sweets and Coke. He thinks they are disgusting,and he would either run away or throw up if he sees sweets in front of his face. He would rather be slim and eat healthy food that isn't sweet.


He looks quite similar to Caillou Anderson, except for being smaller and wearing a cobalt blue shirt and a blue hat. His voice is Justin. And while Caillou is a Junior in College, Cody is a 9th-Grade Freshman in High-School, and he will graduate High-School in 2025.


  • He shares several similarities with Cody from Total Drama, as they have the same first and last name, they wear a similar shirt, they both have brown hair (unless the GoAnimate Cody's bald), and their shows are both canadian.
  • His Younger Sister, Lily, is a Senior, who is 4-years younger than Cody, who's a Freshman.


  • He has a twin sister Daisy who was born 2 hours before Cody
  • Once Cody was a toddler, Caillou started teaching Cody how to mug, rob and roast other people. Oddly enough, Caillou's parents honored this behavior.
    • When Cody confronted Doris about this, guess what happened: she ditched him into a ravine. It's unknown as to whether he managed to survive or he just died there.
  • Cody was born with alopecia just like Caillou and received hair at age 14.
  • He has a crush on Noah Centineo

Cody Anderson