creepyjokes2000 is not so much of a goanimate user, but he does use the software, unlike most goanimater's, creepyjokes2000 doesn't make grounded videos, he makes goanimate shorts, or random videos, he isn't a part of the goanimate community, "It's a child thing" he say's, he is also the creator of the goanimate short "Caillou and the Portals".


Creepyjokes2000 first joined youtube on March 13, 2016, His first video was not a goanimate video, but it did include Caillou from goanimate, creepy was a bit of a brony back then, Now he is more of a regular YouTuber, Back then, he also use to do this thing known as SCP readings, he used to use the 43 chars meme in his videos, but now it's a dead meme, so he doesn't use it anymore, he also use to be an Alvin Hung hater, now he likes Alvin Hung


Somewhere around 2017, creepyjokes2000 bought the domain "" and he used a website builder to create a website, the website is still up and running, Click me for the website

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