Doris is Caillou and Rosie's mother, who (like Boris) probably has a unknown hatred for Caillou and she is (also) the main protagonist of Life With/Without Doris Season 2 and half the secondary protagonist of the franchise.


Usually in videos, she wears a red overcoat and blue pants, and wears a blue bow tie on her head. In different videos, she wears a red shirt, blue pants, & a blue bow tie on her head, and blue slippers.


like her husband Boris, she gets happy easily when Caillou does something right, she ungrounds Caillou often, and is sometimes downright nice to him. She does really care for Caillou's life. She often goes into conflicts with Boris on whether they should ground Caillou or not.

Sometimes the roles are reversed: Doris is portrayed as abusive and heartless as Boris, or almost.

About Her


  • She had payback on Boris on a few occasions, for example she turned Boris into a baby in an episode of "Caillou gets ungrounded" and punched Boris in "Boris goes too far/Deleted"
  • In some series she dies.
  • In Cewyah's series, she is a drug addict and is mentally ill, and like Boris she likes going to the casino. In Sacred Assortment's series, she is controlling and strange.

Other series (add your own here)

  • SBSP&DTERE2004: She is the secondary deuteragonist of her Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series, her Rosie Gets Ungrounded series, and her Caillou Gets Ungrounded series. as well as a protagonist in normal Caillou videos. In her Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series, She, Caillou, Rosie, Boris, and Classic Caillou team up to ground Evil Caillou. In her Rosie Gets Ungrounded series, She teams up with Boris and Caillou to unground Rosie. and In her Caillou Gets Ungrounded series, She teams up with Boris and Rosie to unground Caillou. Unlike the other GoAnimate Caillou videos, She never gives Caillou or Rosie any punishment or Ground them in her videos. She, along with other Caillou characters beside Caillou, doesn't appear in CPHP videos (For more info, see here)
  • Maddox121 (Fictional): She is the less chaotic of the two, being only 20% of the Caillou groundings, and even gets payback of Boris.


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