• Teacher: Amy
  • Elijah Henderson, Voice (Eric)
  • Dave as Fuuma:
  • Dad Mr. Henderson (Elijah's dad looks like Zeezallas), voice (Diesel)
  • Mom [Mrs. Henderson], Voice (Kate)


  • Teacher: OK, guys, take out your textbooks.
  • (Elijah's textbook says "CJ's stupid parents")
  • Teacher (angry): Elijah, I can't believe what you wrote on your textbook! That's it, you're going to the principal's office.
  • Elijah (loud voice, angry):I cannot go to the principal's office! I'll start my sniffing later!
  • Teacher: Too bad, you're going. Go there now.
  • The Crazy-Talking Principal: (speaking in Stufkyalbandagifway) SDDFFGGHJKLOOLKJJN NHGFDSWSDFHYHN NHGFDSASDFREDC CFGHYUIOIUJN NJHGFDEREEDCVBNM,.? [Translated in English] So why are you here?
  • Elijah: I wrote CJ's stupid parents on my textbook.
  • The Crazy-Talking Principal: (speaking in Stufkyalbandagifway) (9000% loud voice, angry) OIUYHGFDSAQ! TYHGFDSASDFGTGB NJIUYTREWSDFGB BHJKIUYTREWQ! NHYUIOIUJKL;';LKJHGFREDC CDEWSXCVBNMKLOPOIUYTREDFGHJKLLKJHGFDEDC VFGHJKLOIUYTRFV 9000 CDSWEERTYUIKJHGFDSAQ! BGHJKLOLKJHN NHJKLOIKMNBVCDEDC NJKLOIUYTREWQ! [Translated in English] Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! That is it! You're expelled for 9000 weeks! Go home now!
  • Elijah (angry): Fine you big bully!
  • Dad: Elijah, I can't believe you got expelled from school! You are grounded till you're 45.
  • Elijah: Hey, I don't care!
  • Mom: That's it! Go upstairs to your room right now!
  • Elijah: Poop does not taste so good when I'm grounded! Poop.. does.. not taste.. so good!
  • Elijah: What am I doing? I am so dang stupid.


  • Elijah gets in trouble is a video that is copied from Angela gets in trouble and made by MrEmperorCJ.
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