Erika is a female character who is created by AnimeCat9000 (also known as gretakyran), who even created the series of Kate getting grounded.


In the official gretakyran series (Set in an alternate timeline)

Erika is the main protagonist of the official Erika


series. She was born to a mother and father, who later died at a young age. She was adopted by Steven and Kate, who even adopted her long lost brother, Eric. Her adoptive mother and father divorced with one another, and her adoptive mother eventually married Diesel Stooge.

Official (GoAnimate Grounded Universe)

In the GoAnimate Grounded Universe, Erika was first introduced in the official Jock episode, "Jock meets Erika". She ran away from home to avoid getting grounded to much. As a result, the police went after her. 2 days later, she was rescued by Jock. The two became friends for quite a long time. She has a boyfriend named Eric, has a sister named Annabelle, a brother named Jacob, and has parents. She goes to Los Angeles High School. She and her twin sister Annabelle ARE NOT part of the Dawson family as errantly shown often. They are part of the Armstrong family and Jacob's older sisters.


Adult version


Born: July 4, 2002 (In Jacksonville, Florida)

Gender: Female


Erika in LDF Enterprise's universe.

Hair Color: Blonde

Occupation: High School Student

Family: Steven (father)

Kimberly (mother)

Jacob (brother)

Annabelle (sister)

Age: 17
Erica copy

Voice: Julie

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

Personality: Erika is sweet, friendly, helpful, forgiving, smart, brave, calm, loving, and hard-working.

Unofficial Timeline

Influenced by RobertCoatesAnimations' Erika series, louielouie95 and many users put her and Annabelle (a character created by louielouie95) into the "Dawson" family with Zack and Zara. louielouie95 did this on purpose. Some people did the same, accidentally. Also, most of them usually use different eye/lip colors. This unofficial timeline is usually used by new GoAnimators if ever chosen. JediFunEditor5 is working on the twin up with louielouie95’s Erika series and also planning on a sequel to it as well.

mrlegofan404's grounded series

Erika is the main protagonist of the official Erika series who is created by mrlegofan404. She made her debut in the Eric series episode, "Eric And Erika Gets Grounded". She is the sister of Eric. She has abusive parents, and she has not been a respected student at school, just like her brother.

The Eric Show

In this show, Erika is Eric's girlfriend, they are from GoCity and her future job is a ride operator for Vyond Land. She usually gets ungrounded because she is good.

Sister or Girlfriend

This is a subject highly debated on.


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  • louielouie95
  • RobertCoateAnimations
  • Grounded Universe
  • Maddox121
  • The Eric Show
  • LDF Enterprises

Random Out Of The Blue, Non-Canon Trivia

Fun Fact: Unlike most people, Erika enjoys being naked (Both at home and sometimes outside) just like her mom. Also, Erika's favorite food was Pizza.

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