Chase PNG

Evil Chase is a NON-troublemaker from PAW Patrol. He is Chase's evil counterpart.


Gender: Male

Age: 6-7

Voice: David

Friends: Purple Shep

Enemies: Pink Shep (because PurpleShep is UGlY''')

Love Interest: Peg

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Brazzers, PornHub, Video Games, Movies, Marvel Studios, Chuck E. Cheese's, Coca-Cola, Fast Food Places Related To Coca-Cola, GoAnimate, YouTube, good users, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Shit, Roblox P0rn, Memes, uolliaC, making fun of Baby Shows, hearing into innapropiate songs, kissing, having sex, Cookies, Pizza. Farting, Club Penguin Island, Bad Stuff, Teen Titans Go!, Preggers, Orange Juice, Oobi, Nintendo 3DS, Having one of the the best sexiest gangster parties ever

Dislikes: Baby Shows, Non Troublemakers, Educational Video Games, PG-13 rated movies that are not Marvel related, R-rated movies, NC-17 rated movies, PG Rated Movies, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Fast Food Places Related To Pepsi, Getting Grounded, his parents, school, bad users, Dave & Buster's, Pingu, Non-Baby Shows, Non-Roblox Memes, Club Penguin and Randy (he is smart)