Ghouly is a 12-year old (turned near the end of Season 1) boy, & is the main protagonist of the Ghouly & Ghastly series. He is best friends with Ghastly. Ghouly is always getting into trouble with his friend Ghastly. Ghouly is a little less dimwitted than Ghastly, as shown sometimes in the video series. As soon as Season 2 started, the anamation switched from from Comedy World to Lil Peepz. It is revealed in Season 2, Ghouly can sometimes act a little stupider than Ghastly.


Ghouly was 12 for most of the first season. At the end of Season 1, Ghouly turned 13. Ghouly turned 14 in the middle of Season 2.


Ghouly is slightly self-righteous, but sometimes he has a reason. He is sometimes impatient, As shown in the Season 1 episode, "Fat From Turkey". In Season 1, Episode 16, "Poor",  Ghouly is seemed to be quite scheming. A similar thing happens In Season 2, But this time, he is scheming for a stupid reason.