Grounded Videos are a well known kind of videos on GoAnimate, the original version of Vyond. (And yes, believe it or not, they still are on Vyond, but rather with Business Friendly)

Basis for most of these videos

The premise (for all grounded videos) is a child intentionally screwing up in something, returning to their residence (typically a house; some grounded videos have kids living in other places), and getting grounded by their parents for a ridiculous amount of years, the amount of time they can get grounded for ranges from 2 weeks to infinity years (for instance, some children in these videos get grounded for a ridiculous number of years, decades, or eternities while others get grounded for only 2 weeks). All basic grounded videos are composed of the following:

Anatomy of grounded videos

All grounded videos are constructed like this:

Plotting Scene

Every Grounded Video starts off by a Kid (mostly a baby show character) plotting to cause trouble, this scene is skipped if they did not mean to do it and it was an accident

The Screw-Up Scene

This scene involves a kid screwing-up (with intent or sometimes even as an accident) or causing havok (also with intent or an accident). Here's a list of some of the things these troublemakers do in these videos:

  • A male character (entering a boy's restroom in school with disgust) decides to visit the much more pleasant girl's restroom
  • Characters creating earthquakes by simply jumping or pulling down a lever (to simulate one)
  • Characters receiving the worst cards on behavior card day
  • Characters misbehaving in stores
  • Characters misbehaving in restaurants (mainly McDonald's)
  • Characters cheating off of somebody else's test
  • Characters stealing another's lunch
  • Characters watching the THX logo
  • Male characters hitting on girls
  • Female characters dancing in their swimsuits
  • Characters divorcing each other
  • Characters farting
  • Characters making fun of somebody else
  • Characters bullying someone else
  • Characters bombing the school or a restaurant
  • Characters throwing a giant temper tantrum
  • Characters making a fake VHS opening (more rare)
  • Characters fighting
  • Characters pulling the fire alarm
  • Characters pranking one another

The Grounded Scene

As previously seen, countries represent crossroads in videos on bases where they are usually punished for absurd time limits. Parents can ground the troublemaker for different times Worst of all, they ground them for long times including tranquility, infinity, double forever, forever, for a life, humanity, triple tranquility or a whole gigantor bunch of numbers (like, but not limited to, 53,268,476,958,096,745,863,452,325,743,856,985,758,343,654,735,498,575,342,624,795,875,342,625,756,987,485,263,530,750,958, or 53 novemvigintillion years). The videos can be found on land that are not only detestable, but also coolness. Fans are less important.

The Fans

Yes, as mentioned in the first paragraph of this page, there is in fact, a grounded community home to all of the world's grounded video fans, grounded video creators, and grounded videos. Plenty of them respect opinions from users outside the community, collaborate with non-grounded video makers, and assist others. A large portion of them, however, are viewed as "bigotic users between under age of 12; some of which are adults who behave immaturely". These types of users could sometimes disrespect opinions from grounded video haters (posting grounded threats to their channels). They might also upload grounded threat videos recorded with their webcam (exposing themselves to the public; cyber-grounding somebody else). Some of these users force others into liking GoAnimate, hating Flash, and most evidently, un-subbing them.

It's a relief that half of these grounded video makers actually respect the opinions of others and actually upload different videos once in a while (some of which actually departed from grounded videos all together including AMSalley94).


There are so many troublemakers who get grounded, the most common ones are Dora the Explorer, Caillou, Barney, Warren Cook, and a few others.

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