GoAnimate is known for its thousands of grounded videos that include a character (mostly a baby show character, like Cai-f*cking-llou), mostly under 18, being grounded for x years of time by their parents (well.. let's say 102843723948572398457923457923578............ or even 10000000000000.......). There's many people who hate those kinds of videos and comment "child abuse!" and stuff like that, but sometimes they are just overly sensitive idiots who don't understand what's real and what isn't and adorably will stand up for their favorite fictional character ('cept if they report the vid...). In real life, grounding abuse would get you problems and land you into the therapist or social worker and possibly lose custody of your child, but in GoAnimate it is absolutely hilarious, acceptable and top quality content. 99.9% of all GoAnimate parents act the same way and give overly cruel punishments to their kids, such as beatings, spanking, forcing them to wear nappies, torturing them, slicing off a boy's peepee and other limbs, and forcing them to lick the dad's balls........

(╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┳━┳ (but they end up getting chomped).

Beddu fakes sick and gets grounded

Beddu fakes sick and gets grounded

An example of a grounded video.

One kid has it real hard... :/ well, because his dad is a groundomaniac

Briefly, grounding abuse is a subtype of child abuse that is a normal everyday occurence and the best parenting style considered ever in GoAnimate, even though it has severe long-term psychological effects on children. Well, the parents are just idiotic jerks ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ what can there be else to say?

HECK, SOME PEOPLE HAVE EVEN MADE GROUNDED MOVIES THAT LAST 1 HOUR OR SO. EVEN 2 HOURS. But actually they're just a compilation of grounded videos. just watch this!!

But things get worse...


File:Executed -EXPLICIT-

A punishment day is a bigger punishment than grounding, and it involves a series of very cruel punishments that in real life could land you into the hospital with 0.01% chance of surviving, or even make you die in a matter of minutes, seconds or ON THE SHOT, but due to cartoon logic, GoAnimate characters are able to live through it despite suffering EVERY SCALE OF PAIN at the same time and actually BLEEDING CARTOON FRICKIN BLOOD. Sometimes they DO die. But they still come back to life the next video because it's not real life.

Worse, there can even be punishments weeks, or months. But those things can actually cross the line in the GoAnimate universe, because that is just too much suffering to bear. Cartoon parents doing this to their 2-dimensional kids can really be arrested and executed.

There's also a lot of other types of punishments, such as Time Out.... (ewwwww, cringe) or Concussion Time (getting knocked out by Fred from the Scooby-Doo gang)