Becky's Mom, Kimberly

Becky's Mom

Kate is a mother of Becky. She mostly grounds her daughter Becky.


Voice: Kate

Family: Becky (Daughter), Kendra (Daughter), Paul (Husband), Leon (brother, deceased by his own daughter's hand), Mrs. Elizabeth (Mother), Jerry Marcot (father),  

Friends: Brian's Mom (best friends), Kara's Mom (best friends), Bill's Dad, Bill's Mom, Kara's Dad, Dan's Dad, Dan's Mom,

Birth: September 17, 1951

Hobbies: Listening to the 1930s songs (3rd anniversary of her father's death), Playing Piano (like Caillou does on the Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series).

Likes: Grounding Becky (along with her husband Paul), TV Shows, Memories of her parents, Powers, Shining Time Station, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Baby shows

Favorite TV Shows: Thomas the Tank Engine, Shining Time Station, Dora the Explorer, Rugrats, Barney, The Wiggles, Caillou, Evil Caillou Gets Grounded

Dislikes: Becky getting in trouble, When Dora the Explorer being killed, When Daniel Tiger being killed, When Rugrats being killed, When Teletubbies beaten, When Caillou gets grounded

Becky's Mom and Dad

Becky's Parents