"We are the Rebellion Heroes, The Epic Impossible Team, Human Armed Defense Force Team, Heroic Gamer of Public and Everyday Cartoon Police must be destroyed."

--Carlos Omar Barrios May 10, 3112 (32nd Century, 3110's and 2 years), Dome City, Sector Δ-24-3 (Mewni) (Eastern Area).

Midnight Resistance is a Mewmans Hidden Resistance Group where is located at the Magical Kingdom of Mewni, that hates the ESF, GoAnimate Police and other Mewmans Haters and this group are the enemy of the ESF and other Mewmans Haters, liberating the enslaved Mewmans, protecting Mewni from ESF, NEST and other Unhuman Species Haters (...like High School Dropout and Collegial Dropout, Freedom Summer Fighters, Sandstorm Recon 8, USMC, Task Force 322 and the World Liberation Army (a rival resistance group)).

Weapon References

Solar-Lunar Particle Beam combo (Eclipse Particle Beam)

+If combines Solar Particle Beam with Lunar Particle Beam, it creates Eclipse Particle Beam that can makes double damage amplification that makes instant death in humans and decreases magic and physical defenses and attacks on stronger enemies.

Rail guns

**This weapon is like the Eclipse Particle Beam, but using Railgun Slugs instead of Particle Beams for superior damage up to 320.


++Magic MVP-19A8 Magnum Sidearm is a Magnum Sidearm that is a reference to Calhoun's Handgun from the Movie "Wreck-It Ralph".


~Magic AMR-13A9 Magical Laser Rifle is a Magical Laser Rifle that is a reference to the Calhoun's Laser Rifle from Wreck-It Ralph.