Miss Mouth

Miss Mouth is a character made by African Vulture.


Miss Mouth has hot pink hair and lavender eyes. She wears light gray shoes and a light pink long sleeved shirt with dark gray lining, and she carries a bright pink purse.


  • Miss Mouth's birthday was January 1st.
  • Miss Mouth has a crush on Mr Mouth.
  • She has a counterpart who has a mouth named Katrina.
  • She also has an evil counterpart who has scarlet red hair and bright orange eyes, wearing a light red long sleeved shirt with dark red lining and dark gray shoes, named Evil Miss Mouth.

Family Relatives

  • Isabella (mother).
  • Damien (father).
  • Melissa (ex mother).
  • Sweet Lips (sister).
  • Cute Lips (sister).
  • Potty Mouth (brother).
  • Katrina (sister).
  • Smart Mouth (brother).
  • Silly Mouth (brother).
  • Fancy Mouth (brother).
  • Loud Mouth (brother).