" Hi! I'm New Line Cinema! "

New Line Cinema, Introducing Him

" New Line Cinema, At your service. "

New Line Cinema, His Service Him


New Line Cinema is a Male Movie Logo, Founded by Robert Shaye in 1967, and subsidiary of Warner Bros. 

Founded: Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne

Birthday: July 18, 1967

Age: 51

Gender: Male

Voice: Lawrence (Cepstral/VoiceForge)/Speakonia Male 8

Angry Voice: David (VoiceForge)

Furious Voice: Wiseguy (VoiceForge)

Crying Voice: Eric

Likes: Hanging Out With Twilight Sparkle, Being Ungrounded, Oz The Great and Powerful, and AUTTP Members

Dislikes: His Evil Clone, Being Grounded, Baby Shows, and UTTP Members


  • He made a Appearance in Paramount Logo Bloopers 12: Thanksgiving Insanity!, Talk to the New Line Cinema 2001 Logo, Walt Disney Home Video Logo Bloopers - 90's Not Allowed Part 1 and Part 2, and Pixar Logo Bloopers 3: Danger: Army Of Level 5 Logos With A Chance Of Yo Kai Watch
  • Villain: Evil New Line Cinema. He grounds his Evil Clone