"No Big Hugs For Tinky Winky" Is A Clip From A Teletubbies Movie


Tinky Winky: Big Hugs

Jacob Williamson: (Laughing) No Big Hugs For Tinky Winky You Fucking Stupid Wanker, Now Get Out Of My Sight And Go Back To Teletubby Land

Tinky Winky: (Crying)

Dipsy, La-La and Po: What's Wrong

Tinky Winky: Jacob Williamson Said To Me "No Big Hugs For Tinky Winky"

Dipsy, La-La and Po: Don't Cry Tinky Winky

Dipsy, La-La and Po: Hey Tinky Winky, How About Jacob Williamson Will Say Sorry To You

Tinky Winky: That's A Great Idea

Jacob Williamson: I'm Sorry For Saying To You "No Big Hugs For Tinky Winky"

Tinky Winky: That's OK Jacob