Dora Gets No Easter Candy

Dora Gets No Easter Candy

One of his well known grounded videos on GoAnimate

Robbie's GoAnimate avatar

Robbie's Current Avatar.

Robbie(born 2001) , also known as Robbie The GoAnimate Guy, Robbie Pwns Animation, or GoAnimate Fan 188, is a user notable for intelligence in creating grounded videos. He joined GoAnimate in 2012 as RobertComedian101. He left in 2013 after he started to hate GoAnimate. However, on January 31 2014, he felt like it would be nice to return to GoAnimate. He is very popular. He only has a Dailymotion account and a GoAnimate account. He has Autism and Asperger's, which is why he is so proffesional.

Grounded videos

He is known for his grounded series. His most viewed grounded video was Erika and Sam misbehave at Erika's cousin's funeral

Current grounded series

Max Sam Dora


Watching TV

Foriegn cars

GM Cars

Terminator movies


Jurrasic Park movies


Watching PG-13 movies

Playing on the computer

Making grounded videos

Good users


Playing video games



American cars



Bad users


Social network sites (he likes to talk to people in person rather than online)

Kids movies

GoHaters (he respects their opinion but doesn't like it when they call GoAnimators GoF*gs)

Warren Cook

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