Rosie Anderson is the younger sister of the Anderson Nuclear Family (not including fake andersons) and the oldest daughter of Boris and Doris. In some channels, she is a troublemaker.


  • She is a troublemaker in a few channels
  • In Samster5677's series, she is a non-troublemaker who instead joins Boris and Doris in grounding Caillou.
  • In DGGHater2004's series, She is a lovable, yet caring non-troublemaker who, like Caillou, has her own ungrounded series.
    • Like all the other Caillou characters except for Caillou, she doesn't appear in CPHP videos. (Although she and Classic Caillou was taught piano in a CGUG episode of hers.)
  • In RareYellowWUUTBee's series, she can be a troublemaker (except in Boris gets Grounded where she instead grounds her own father).
  • She is also a character in the PBS Kids Caillou show.
  • In some series, she also has a teeth girl/evil counterpart, Robin, business friendly Rosie, and even Classic Rosie (Classic Caillou's fictional sister).
  • She is named after her slightly older cousin Eisor in some channels. note: Felixstowe7109 Matt Teoro was the last one to create this character
  • Rosie has a modern look in November 26 2020