Tbone Animate (born on December 14, 2001) is an American GoAnimator with around 100,000 YouTube subscribers. He makes Arthur (And D.W.) Gets Grounded, Boris Gets Grounded, Dora Gets Grounded, Zack Gets Grounded, and Zara Gets Grounded, The Voice Of Crash The Hand In True and the Rainbow Kingdom And Creative Director Of Guy In The Jellyland: The Series Alongside Wendy Selier

Old Channel

Tbone had an old channel with around 20,000 subscribers before it was closed. It was closed due to Lily (Rosie) harassing and bullying Tbone Animate. As Tbone states: "I worked hard on a 4th of July video, but Lily (Rosie) told me to DELETE the video and remake with the new avatar she didn't post, so I closed my channel because I was upset with them."

He made a new channel and uploaded most of the old videos from his deleted channel.

History & Personal Life

  • Tbone,s Real Name Is Trebor
  • Tbone Animate is 18 years old.
  • Tbone's Birthday is Dec 14 2001
  • Nothing else is known about Tbone Animate.


  • He made a fan-made character in the Arthur family named Joseph in Early 2018.
  • He did a collab with RareYellowWUUTBee, which was named, "Rosie Opens a Portal to a Different Dimension".
  • Tbone is one of the few people to Voice Act his own character, but he uses David Voice when needed.
  • Tbone has a computer Witch has the following: (RTX 2080 Ti, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, i7-8700K Processor).
  • His most popular video is Caillou gets the Rainbow Card/Ungrounded.
  • He has hundreds of hours on TF2 and Guitar Hero.
  • His username comes from his Steam username Tboneodeth.



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