Tyler Hawkins

Nickname: Big Brother

Girlfriend: Neilika Testlin

Favorite TV Show: The Loud House

Favorite Character: Lincoln from The Loud House

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Birthday: July 5th, 2003 (Los Angeles, California)

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Human: Middle Child

Voice: Eric/Andrew/John (Lumenvox)

Colored Version of Ricardo: Evelyn (JangoF2001)

Favorite Food: Hot dogs And Pretzels

Favorite Language: German, Russian, Italian, French, Welsh, Spanish & Croatian

Pearlika Hawkins

Nickname: Big Sister

Boyfriend: Daimprique Chiefer

Favorite Movie: The Peanuts Movie

Favorite Character: Charlie Brown

Favorite Sport: Football

Birthday: January 31, 2001 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Gender: Female

Human: Middle Child

Age: 16

Voice: Julie

Colored Version Of Erika: Remy (TacoComedian)

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Language: Slovak, Arabic, Croatian, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, Polish, Serbian & Bulgarian

Kate Hawkins

Nickname: Mother

Husband: Alan Hawkins

Born: September 2, 1972 (Detroit, Michigan)

Gender: Female

Human: Adult

Age: 45

Voice: Kate

Color Version of Barry's mom: Evelyn (JangoF2001)

Favorite Language: Czech & Russian

Alan Hawkins

Nickname: Father

Wife: Kate Hawkins

Born: October 7, 1972 (Sydney, Australia)

Gender: Male

Body: Strong

Age: 45

Voice: Alan

Favorite Language: Russian, German & Welsh