The Knowing (Episode) is an GoAnimate episode by WesleyVianen.

It was the movie named The Knowing after the delay.


  • Pin as Brian
  • Rainbow Dash as Julie
  • Galactic Soldier as New Eric


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Pin: I finally made the opening from Disney's The Lego Movie from 1942, Real not Fake.

Pin: Oh fuck!

Tails: Did i just said that you made a Fake VHS Opening?

Pin: Yes! It's called Disney's The Lego Movie from 1942, Real not Fake.

Tails: OOOOOOOOOOOO! Pin, the opening was FAKE! The Lego Movie was not owned by Disney, it was owned by Warner Bros. And the movie as not released in 1942, it was released in 2014. That's it, forget the grounding. I will get you something even better than grounding at you, you fake vhs opening maker!

(At the bunker)

Tails: This will be your punishment! And if you escape, i will ground you big time. Now prepare to die!

Galactic Soldier: Tails just said that. Now i will kill you as a punishment! Time to die.

Pin: No! Please don't do it! I'm so sorry.

Galactic Soldier: Sorry, but you wont!

Pin: But i (AM) sorry!


Rainbow Dash: That is enough!

Galactic Soldier: Ouch! Ugh!

(Loud Crash)

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  • WesleyVianen is not the only person who has it's made, he also made RDTG games for this.
  • His YouTube channel was created in 2012.
  • This also builds GoAnimate Network/Channel at YouTube, and other people did.