"The Wiggles - Emma Goes Scuba Diving" Is A Scene/Clip From A 2013 Wiggles Movie


Filmed In 2012


Emma: (Smiling) Scuba Diving Is Going To Be Fun For Me Because I've Got My Wetsuit On

(Emma Puts Her Fin, Mask, & Scuba Gear On, Dives, And Swims Underwater)

Emma: (Laughing), That Is Fun

Emma: (Smiling) Scuba Diving Is Fun For Me

(Emma Floats In The Water)

Emma: (Laughing), That Was Fun

Emma (Smiling) Scuba Diving Was Fun For Me

(Emma Lays Down In The Water On Her Back And On Her Tummy)

Emma: (Smiling) I Like Wearing My Water Bow When I Go Swimming And Diving

(Emma Swims Underwater)

(Emma Floats In The Water)

Emma: (Smiling) I Will Go Snorkeling, But First, I Will Take Off My Scuba Gear

(Emma Takes Off Her Scuba Gear And She Puts On Her Snorkel)

(Emma Swims Underwater)

(Emma Gets Out Of The Water)

Emma: (Laughing), That Was Fun