Active Themes and Quick Video Makers:

  1. Business Friendly (Business)
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    Whiteboard Animation Theme

  2. Whiteboard Animation (Business)
  3. Video Infographics (Business)
  4. Business Models (Business)
  5. Common Craft (Subscription)

Removed Themes and Quick Video Makers:

Main article: Removed From GoAnimate

Access Themes and Access Missions:

  1. Chibi Ninjas
  2. Chibi Peepz
  3. Space Citizens
  4. Monsters Mayhem
  5. Jungle Warfare

Chibi Shorts Logo

  1. Strawberries: Tasty fruit for GoAnimate.
  2. GoPublish and Local Effects: Added on Sunday Morning.
  3. Created Props and The Prop Factory: Added the New Prop Maker.
  4. Hats, Elbows, and Femer Props: Added on GoAnimate.
  5. TTS Voices: The Wiseguy and Jennifer were coming back on 2018 due because of Eric and Kimberly.