Please report miscellaneous junk/user on GoAnipedia here. We'll check the contribution pages of all reported users, and take proper action with their contributions if needed.

  • Inappropriate images: the user has many images that are disruptive, pornographic, or shock
  • Excessive images: user has many irrelevant/junk images. You can also report users that massively uploading images using their main account instead of the bot account.
  • Rude messages: the user has made threats, harassment, rude behavior within GoAnipedia
  • Off-topic threads: the user has made gibberish/nonsense thread posts, either on Message Walls or article comments.
  • Vandalism: user has removed useful content or added spammy content on pages or posts. For cross wiki issues, please use the SOAP Wiki.
  • Spam pages: This user has created pages that are counted as spam/off-topic. Comedies are allowed, but grounding pages or pages that have little or no relevance to GoAnimate/Vyond are prohibited.
  • Any other disruption, such as sockpuppetry or chat/discord disruption
Do NOT report:
  • Unused Files: You can add {{delete}} in the page for a flag for deletion and admins or content moderators will clean up ASAP.
  • Blogs: Unless the blog is spam or violating speech or HTML abusive, there is no need to report it here. Blogs are generally allowed as long as they follow Fandom's ToU and the wiki's policy.
  • Users outside of this wiki: Please contact the respective wiki admin.

Format: {{Report|user|reason}}
Example: {{Report|Example|Trolling}}

Which will result in:

Example at GoAnipedia



Gfourtx has created a page which was directly copied from Wikipedia

Gfourtx at GoAnipedia

He doesn't edit this wiki anymore, so it's not worth blocking him. ~rainbow [ TalkContribs ] 15:32, March 15, 2021 (UTC) 📝

==Random09876543211234567890 at GoAnipedia

He has vandalized RainBoy's page severely, and has put homophobic and racist slurs (Hard R) in the categories.

Sorry, didn't get a chance to view the wiki, but blocked. Thanks for the report. ~rainbow [ TalkContribs ] 20:13, July 06, 2021 (UTC) 📝

==Volanen Roope 2021 at GoAnipedia

actually, he moved them into the User namespace, which in this case, is vandalism, as u said. I will revert and warn them. ~~

LeeFan99 at GoAnipedia


GoBigPlanetMate3854 2nd at GoAnipedia

Gelfander at GoAnipedia

Reporting A User

ButtKicker2002 at GoAnipedia


KeepAway2001 at GoAnipedia

BakaBaddie12335 at GoAnipedia

BakaBaddie12335 at GoAnipedia


==BakaBaddie12335 at GoAnipedia==

Carterbo55man at GoAnipedia

https://goanimate.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Voldemort has nothing to do with GoAnimate/Vyond.